About us

Bontibú is a line of child care products, made from first quality natural ingredients, for the care of your children since their birth. Made in Spain with soft formulas and adapted for both the skin of babies and older children. Bontibú has a range of products that not only guarantees the perfect care of your baby, but also ensures unforgettable moments with the youngest of the family.

Our brand

Sweet almond oil, argan oil or calendula extract are just some of the natural and organic ingredients that we use to create the Bontibú line. Because taking advantage of nature’s benefits is one of the maxims that characterize us.

The result is a range of products with very soft formulas and dermatologically tested on the most sensitive skins, which are ideal to use from birth since they do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, silicones or dyes, among others.

Who is this for?

In Bontibú we know that baby skins deserve special care, that is why we develop formulas to meet the needs of parents who are seeking natural alternatives, quality products with healthy and safe ingredients. Our range of products is easy to identify and use, made with a special sense of quality and aesthetics.