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Tips for the summer; How to beat the heat in babies

Who doesn't like the summer? warm days by the pool or on the beach, the chance to relax and catch up with family and friends… No wonder it's the most popular time of year for many, but if you have a baby or kids to look after, Summer can be tricky! Taking your baby to the beach for the first time can be a lot of fun, but precautions must be taken to keep them safe and comfortable, spending hot days (and nights!) Can also be difficult.

1. Sun insurance

Long and warm days make families go out to enjoy the sun and fresh air, but keep in mind that babies and children's skin is delicate and vulnerable to sunburn and strong grape rays, they can also damage their skin. eyes. Sunscreen is an essential factor for the care of the little ones, but remember that it is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age, and even with sunscreen, our little ones (and us!) Can get burned, to make sure that this does not happen, we must avoid:

  • Go outside during the hottest hours of the day (approximately 10am - 4pm). Plan trips to the beach or park in the early morning or afternoon when grape radiation levels are lowest.
  • Wear protective clothing, even in hot weather, loose clothing made of natural fibers is recommended for babies to limit direct sun exposure. For swimming, choose long-sleeved bodysuits to ensure the best coverage.
  • Always wear a cotton or canvas hat. Young babies may hate wearing them, but they are very important to protect them!
  • Look for shady areas, this will give you extra UV protection, but be careful because getting burned while in the shade is absolutely possible so take action anyway.
  • Use Spf 30+ sunscreen on babies older than 6 months. Don't skimp! Many people do not use enough sunscreen, leaving them vulnerable to sun damage, there are formulations made especially for babies and / or those children with sensitive skin.

2. Be Hydrated

We all need extra fluids during the summer, but in babies, this is extremely important as dehydration can be very dangerous.

If you are breastfeeding, you may have to feed him more frequently due to the heat, this is totally normal since it is your baby's way of supporting himself. hydrous.


Running a damp gauze or towel over the face and neck helps ease discomfort.

Signs of dehydration in a baby can include lethargy, fewer wet diapers, dry lips, a sunken fontanel, and yellow or dark urine. If you suspect that your baby is dehydrated, it is recommended to visit the doctor.

3. Keep the baby cool

¡Like us, being hot and sweaty can make your baby uncomfortable! Here are some ways to ease that discomfort:

  • A warm bath can help cool your baby down and is especially helpful just before bed.
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed in baby's room on hot days to minimize heat, and if the room is too hot at night, consider moving her crib to the coolest room in the house.
  • Air conditioning can be too much for little ones so be sure to set it to no lower than 24 degrees. You can also try a fan, but do not point it directly at the baby as you can catch a cold, for safety, make sure the fan is not too close to the child.
  • Moist cloths can help, gently wipe the baby's arms, legs, and face periodically.
  • Avoid direct sunlight whenever possible and stay indoors on extremely hot days.
  • Loose cotton clothing will be the most comfortable for the baby in the summer. At home, a diaper is often all they need.
  • In the stroller you can cover it to prevent light from passing through with a muslin, but make sure that there is still good air flow.
  • Never leave your baby alone in the car, never.

4. Safe water for babies Summer and water go hand in hand, but drowning is a very real risk for babies and young children. A dip in a plastic pool is fun and refreshing for children, but they should always be supervised and within arm's reach at all times, even 5 cts. of water can pose a drowning risk for children under 5 years of age.

5. Keep the skin of babies and children cared for with natural products

Heat affects the health of our skin, and like us, babies are prone to losing extra fluid through sweating. This can make the skin dry and irritated. Vital moisture must be replenished with natural baby skin care, it may be useful to apply a moist lotion during the day and night if the weather is especially hot, concentrating on those slightly sweaty areas behind the knees, in the folds of the elbow. And on little necks this can help soothe heat rashes, also avoid bubble baths which may contain ingredients that dry out the skin, and opt for a natural baby wash that restores moisture rather than flushes it away.