The best natural basket for the newborn baby

Surely you have found yourself in the situation of giving a basket for a newborn baby and you have had a lot of doubts: if he already has a pacifier, it will be better to bring him a blanket, or mittens or a hat for the first days.

And it is that when a baby is born the mother ends up receiving a lot of gifts and many of them do not use them until after a few months. So I advise you The best thing is that you think about what you will need as soon as you get home and your first days and that all the details you include are natural and organic, since they are the best for the baby's well-being.

Here I detail what I consider the best natural basket for the newborn baby, not only because of the usefulness of the products it includes but also because I think it is the most complete and sustainable:

  • Some organic cotton kimono bodysuits, because they are easier to put on a baby's body. This type of clothing is used a lot in the first months, they also get quite dirty and at the same time they are essential to keep the baby's body warm, while they perspire. So you won't fail if you include two or three of this type.

These of Pepa & Co They're ideal!


  • One or two) 100% organic and breathable cotton muslin. Muslins are used for absolutely everything, really: to lull the baby, clean it, cover it, for breastfeeding and for regurgitations, as tapasol, as an improvised changing table or play blanket ... I'm sure I will leave something! It is the perfect gift because you can never have enough.
  • A pack of gel, moisturizer and organic cologne, natural and adapted to the delicate skin of the baby. We have already talked about how fine a baby's skin is and we can't help but remember that products Bontibu they perfectly fulfill the function of cleaning, protecting, hydrating and with a scent that smells like a clean baby of a lifetime. Our mini pack or the big They are ideal to include in the basket for the future newborn or to give away and use at home.

Bontibú mini-kit

  • A baby toy such as a rattle or stuffed animal. Although the rest of the things are useful, it is always good to have a fun detail for the little one, which is made of bamboo or natural resin, crocheted and if it makes noise, all the better.
  • A solidarity detail. Because there is nothing more altruistic than giving life to a new little person, but at the same time there are many children who after birth do not have the life they deserve, and that should not be the case. Includes a solidarity card or detail for the mommy (there are ideal bracelets like those of Play therapyAECC or Aladina Foundation) in which a small donation is made on behalf of the newborn. It will be the final touch of your basket.