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5 steps to creating a bedtime routine

Children need a routine! Having a pattern can help a baby feel safe because they learn to know what comes next. By introducing routines and rituals your little one will generally be calmer and more cooperative, and bedtime is no exception! Try not to worry about going through these routines in the baby's first few days, but around six to eight weeks you can start to introduce some simple rituals that will help your little one recognize bedtime and settle down more over time. easily. Here are the five steps to creating a routine: 


1 bathroom

A hot bath can be incredibly relaxing and calming for a baby. It's also a chance to do a little skin-to-skin if you shower with it! If your baby does not like to be in the bathroom, do not include it in his routine at bedtime. Remember, this routine is meant to be positive and enjoyable for you and your baby.



2. The baby's massage

Baby massage is a wonderful way to help your baby calm down to sleep. Studies show that babies who get massaged on a regular basis have higher levels of melatonin in the brain (that's the sleep hormone!). Try giving your baby a short, five-minute massage with a cream when they come out of the bath. We recommend our Moisture Lotion, which contains calendula that calms and relaxes the skin. If you do not know how to do a massage you can follow our instructions here



3. ‘Good night moon’ / ‘Good night friends’

This is a nice ritual to start at an early age. Open the curtains and say good night to the moon, or move around the room and say good night to the special friends of your baby'. This is on or off to become a favorite part of bedtime as your baby grows.

4. Stories

Studies show that it is never too early to start reading to a baby! While your newborn baby will not be able to understand the words you are reading to him, hearing you speak promotes brain and speech development. It's also a great opportunity to sit and snuggle! Choose a simple large book with high contrast images.

5. Food and Lullaby

 Feeding and filling your baby's tummy with a breast or bottle before singing a soft lullaby. It doesn't matter if you don't consider yourself a good singer; the soft, familiar tone of your voice will relax and calm your little one before they go to bed.